Fair Strides

PSA: Unofficial Update

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I've been holding off on releasing because I haven't had the time or energy at the given moment to get this where I want it to be for the next update, but it has some important fixes.


I didn't keep a comprehensive list while doing this, but here's what I can recall:


  • First-time Configuration won't crash or freeze if you don't have one of the games installed.
  • All of the editors (UTC, Camera, UTD, .etc) should now be resizable. This is the case until I can reformat them.*
  • Added sanity checks and default values for missing fields when opening any file in an editor.**
  • Preliminary 2DA Editor, with not a whole lot on features, and the Revert functionality is currently broken.
  • Drag-and-drop in some cases might not work (like from a folder on your system into the Toolset).

*: I originally wanted them to be 800x600, but I got confused and then stuck in the habit and ended up making all of them 600x800. A reformat means that I need to go through and re-organize almost the entire layout.

**: This not only ensures the values are this, but prevents levels from freezing when you try to load them. Thanks goes to Zbyl and LDR for bringing it to my attention.


Download link:



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