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Rey's Staff (Beginner)

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File Name: Rey's Staff (Beginner)

File Submitter: sheldonshotty

File Submitted: 16 Feb 2016

File Category: Mods

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes



Hey guys, i uploaded this mod on reddit on Christmas day then took a break from Kotor, i am back now and have got back into modding and decided to upload my first mod here, hope you enjoy it :D
Due to my newness, to get this item you will have to use cheats-giveitem reystaff


Note:It is Handmaiden's staff, Dont know how to reskin etc yet, sorry.
Compatible with K1



Click here to download this file

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Cool! I've been waiting for anything Rey related to pop up.


Any plans to give a try at modeling her staff? I know it's a bit of a jump, but there are plenty of resources here.

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