MOD:Increased Force Buff Durations

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Increased Force Buff Durations

Compatible with TSLRC 1.8.4.
Not compatible with any Kotor2 mod that also overrides k_sp1_generic.ncs, i.e. other force power effect mods. Force mods that override spells.2da or other files should be compatible.


This mod increases the durations of beneficial force powers by a factor of 2-3x to make recasting them less annoying. Not long enough to fire and forget, but enough to actually last through most battles.


Non-steam users: extract k_sp1_generic.ncs to <Kotor2 directory>\override
Steam users: extract k_sp1_generic.ncs to <Steam directory>\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\485537937\override


Remove k_sp1_generic.ncs from the directory above.


Powers Affected

--------------------------------------------Valor I, II, III		20s -> 60sAura, Shield, Armor		20s -> 60sSpeed I, II, III		36s -> 90s* also apply to Force EnlightenmentForce Resist, Immunity		60s -> 120sEnergy Resistance I, II, III	120s -> 300sBarrier I			30s -> 60sBarrier II			45s -> 90sBarrier III			60s -> 120sBattle Meditation I, II, III    20s -> 60s--------------------------------------------

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It's a small matter of clarification on the author's part. The author is assuming that Steam users will be using TSLRCM from the Steam Workshop. If you aren't, then drop the file in your normal KotOR 2 Override folder.

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