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KotOR Toolset - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KotOR Toolset?
The KotOR Toolset is the culmination of 8 months of work (started March 1st, 2015 and released the Public Beta December 25, 2015, with breaks in between) that started out as 15 minutes of planning. I hope that this toolset will one day replace KotOR Tool as the modding standard.
What are the system requirements?
That you have at least 500MB of RAM (I've seen it use up to 340MB myself) and at least one KotOR game installed on your computer. Beyond that, it's a pretty simple package: no 3D rendering, no texture-editing, and any necessary libraries are shipped with the tool.
What makes it different from KotOR Tool?
To be quite blunt about it, it's for newbs.
Unlike KotOR Tool, the Toolset is centered around level-editing using a top-down display of the game's collision maps as the surface of the levels. The Toolset also has editors for almost every one of the games' formats (no models, textures, texture info,  or path files), some of which were neglected or never done with KotOR Tool.
Something else that's different is that the Toolset tries to teach you by explaining what most of the editable things in a file are, and giving examples of how it's used in-game.
What inspired you to make this?
Inspiration? I'd call it a prolonged bout of insanity!
I was four days into a month-long break from modding and was going crazy, so over the span of 15 minutes, I thought of how I could render the collision maps and then use a bounding box to find the overall boundaries of the collision maps to get a good viewer for the levels. After that, everything just snowballed. :D
With thanks from Malkior, I also was able to obtain a PDF manual on how to use the Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset, and drew inspiration from its layout and structure. ;)
What if my question isn't on here?
Then I would ask that you PM me your question and I will do my best to add it here promptly. :D
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