[Game Save]KotOR II:TSL + RCM + M4-78 saves

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File Name: KotOR II:TSL + RCM + M4-78 saves

File Submitter: Darth_Delator

File Submitted: 23 Dec 2015

File Category: Game Saves

Mods Used: TSLRCM 1.8.4
M4-78 EP
Game: The Sith Lords


With KotOR II been updated on Steam, I've decided to make another walkthrough of favourite game.
Unfortunately, I bumped into many gamebreaking bugs, for one or another reason.. (mostly deals with workshop mods), and as a result my saves were screwed. when I was almost at the end of the game..
Tried to find save files on interned, featuring female PC and male Revan, and found none. This inspired me to start all over again and make a good walkthrough with lots of saves, upload them here,
so others in need could use them whenever necessary.
This playthrough features female Jedi Sentinel/ Watchman (LS), with all companion's influences maxed out. No cheats used.
Mods: TSLRCM 1.8.4 (in end credits says 1.8.3?), M4-78 EP.


May the force be with you!


Click here to download this file

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Very good savegames! 

Important Hint: To use these savegames it is necessary to have savegames named 00001 Game01 to Game69, because the savegames in this Zip-File starting with Game70!

I tried to use these savegames and did everything like it is stated, but didn't worked. Accidently i installed different savegames and suddenly i got these savegames working, cause Game01 to Game76 was now there and it works fine.

Bye Tom from SWKiller

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