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File Name: ERFEdit

File Submitter: Fair Strides

File Submitted: 09 Dec 2014

File Category: Modding Tools



DISCLAIMER: I did not make ERFEdit originally. I did however receive the source code from Stoffe via PM at Lucas Forums, after telling her about a severe issue that needed to be fixed. I have fixed the issue and am now releasing the updated version of the tool.


Version: v0.5
Released: 2006-05-18
Updated: 2007-03-11
Updated_FS: 2017-03-19


What is this?
This is a simple Packer/Unpacker/Browser for the ERF/MOD/SAV/HAK/RIM format files used by the bioware engine games Neverwinter Nights and Knights of the Old Republic. The resource type list is updated to handle some types of files used by the KotOR games that were not used by Neverwinter Nights.


It is capable of creating new files or modify existing ones, as well as extract any resources found within the file. A simple search feature makes it easier to locate resources in the list within large ERF format files.


The Description field is currently not shown or editable since it is not used with the KotOR games.


User Interface shortcuts
You may drag and drop files into the list to add them instead of using the "Insert" button, or you may drag selected files from the list to the Desktop or a Windows Explorer window to extract them rather than use the "Extract" button. Selected files in the list can be deleted with the hotkeys Backspace and DEL in addition to using the Remove button.


When dragging many or large files from the ERF/RIM file to the desktop (or a Windows Explorer window), keep the mouse button pressed until the progress bar has reached 100%, then drag the files to where you want them and let go. Hopefully I'll be able to fix this quirky behavior in the future. :)


New files/resources added to an ERF file are not actually added until you Save the file. Do not move, rename or delete any files you have added before you save the open ERF/RIM file, or the resource will not be added upon save.


Resources in the list with an asterisk (*) following the ResRef are newly added and not yet saved into the file. These files cannot be extracted until the ERF file has been saved.



Click here to download this file

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Does ERFEdit have a hard limit for created .ERF files? Or on the size of files processed? I'm running into an issue where I'm attempting to create a new library with all the game's textures uprezzed. I'm attempting to package around 11GB of TPC files, but the output ERF file seems to come out to exactly 2.0GB. Seems to hard stop when it hits 2GB as some textures are working but not most of them.  I'm using the newest version of ERFEdit, from 2017.


Opening the created ERF file in ERFEdit shows a lot of negative numbers for file size. Just trying to avoid my override directory filled with 3,000+ files

EDIT: It seems to be a max file size for the ERF. I tried Large Address Aware for the ERF executable. I'm able to make an ERF lib that's 1.7-1.9GB that's totally fine. Just seems like 2GB is the limit. Is there a way around this?

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