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Force Jump

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Hi all,


A quick search on this yielded nothing: Does anyone know where the scripts that govern the interaction for force jump are?

The entry in spells.2da points to k_sp1_generic, but theres nothing forcejump-related in k_inc_force.


Quick note: Deleting the force jump entries in spells.2da doesn't change the behaviour in-game at all, and deleting the force jump entries in feat.2da affect the feat tree, but the actual actions of the character remains unaffected.


I'm guessing it's a check somewhere that is done upon a normal attack (if target is at least certain distance away, has the feat blah blah), but I can't seem to find this anywhere.

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Pretty sure it's hard-coded into the game engine and that the script is not available to public. The feat is just a flag that the engine checks while performs a regular attack.

Some functions related to force jump are exposed in K1 nonetheless, VFX_IMP_FORCE_JUMP_ADVANCED, EFFECT_TYPE_FORCEJUMP, and effect EffectForceJump(object oTarget, int nAdvanced = 0); for visual effect.

I'm currently investigating their use in scripts. Not sure it will go anywhere though given that little information is available.

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