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Realistic Improved Effects Texture Mod Addon: Lighting Color Pack

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File Name: Realistic Improved Effects Texture Mod Addon: Lighting Color Pack

File Submitter: Malkior

File Submitted: 09 Jun 2015

File Category: Mods

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes



This is just a simple idea from a good friend here on DS.


Basically Rece of RealRece fame asked me for a bunch of wacky colors for the force lightning I used in my effects mod.

All of the files are the same three textures with different colors; so find a folder and pick the one that suits your fancy.

Also included is an "Alt conjure No Texture" folder that removes the conjure animation texture from the effect, if that's your thing.


Props to Rece for uploading these nice looking screenshots.



Installation: Place whichever file in the folder of your choice inside the Override folder in your Kotor game folder. If you don't have an Override folder, you will have to create one.


Uninstallation: Remove the texture files found in this mod from your Override folder


Compatibility: This mod works for both Kotor 1 and Kotor 2 - The Sith Lords


Permissions: Please let me know about using this mod, but don't use it without permission.


Credit: TriggerGod for the texture which I used as the base for this texture, Rece for his request, FairStrides for doing it first :D

Adobe, for their Photoshop which I relied for in editing, Bioware and Obsidian for these great old games, and George Lucas for starting this whole Star Wars thing



Click here to download this file

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10/10 I'm so glad I got to review this mod a while back! Although it has since been updated with the conjure, this video of mine shows off all of the lightning textures in case you guys want some gameplay with them. Don't mind my cheesy commentary though! (Seriously, it's bad)


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