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File Name: Mandalorian Battle Blades

File Submitter: InSidious

File Submitted: 18 Feb 2015

File Category: Mods



Blades such as this one are the weapon of choice for Mandalorians. A warrior used to make his first battle blade after his first victory. Each one is unique in its construction, and it is very rare to find one that is not with it's owner - most great Mandalorians are buried with their blade.


This mod adds two new weapons to the game, based on the bat'leths wielded by Klingons in Star Trek: The Next Generation etc. They are called Mandalorian Battle Blades.


One can be found in a strongbox in Davik’s Estate on Taris and has +2 Attack Bonus and +2 Slashing damage.


The other is Mandalore's Battle Blade, which can be found in the tomb of Tulak Hord on Korriban. This second weapon has +2 AB, +2 slashing damage, and the Keen item property. Its model is based on the Sword of Kah'less.



Click here to download this file

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