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Kaidon Jorn

MOD:TSL Default Replacement Hilt Megapack

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TSL Default Replacement Hilt Megapack

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by Kaidon Jorn


This mod will replace the default lightsaber hilt models in KotOR 2:The Sith Lords.
Should be compatible with TSLRCM 1.8.4 and beyond.
This version omits the animated blade textures from the main mod but they are still offered as an option (copy and pate tga's and txi's into Override and let overwrite if necessary).
It also comes with a new(er) model for the cyan double-bladed hilt, and alot of the icons have been remade. Other than that, I changed every hilt texture's name and hex edited them into the original models. Also, this mod is now set to replace file on every installation. This should be the last one I need to do, but you never know.




Permissions: You may not redistribute files contained herein and you may not use these files in your own mod without my consent.

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I'm attempting to use this mod, but I play on Mac (downloaded from app store) and I can't open .exe files, which is what this file downloads as. Is there a way around this? Do you know if WinOnX will allow me to run the .exe?

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