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Jorak Uln

HELP! Need (easy) models for KOTOR texturing Project

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Hey there,


Xedii (Xarwarz) and me doing a coop. project on retexturing and animating kotor.

The aim of the project is to give the game the most sophisticated look on both - textures and animations - in respect to the vanilla Kotor but also to replica the excellent ME3 animations.


The point is, Kotors textures screen textures are somewhat messed (upside down, cut off, doubled, tripled etc...) its much cleaner to just place a plain, custom model in front of the specific coordinates and animate that one instead.

Heres an example of Taris Sith Base texture LSI_tech01:

as you see the edges are cut of:



the same texture is used here (cyan color):


Since neither Xarwarz nor me are into modelling we need some help for that part.


Is there any guy who can make (mostly flat plane easy models) and knows how to place them ingame?

Any help would be glady appreciated!

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