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Sith Holocron

SKIN:Brotherhood of Shadows: Solomon’s Revenge Textural Reinterpretation

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Brotherhood of Shadows: Solomon’s Revenge Textural Reinterpretation

Created by: Sith Holocron (and others listed in the credits section)

Game: Knights of the Old Republic 1

Version 1.0 Uploaded: 20 MAY 2024


The Brotherhood of Shadows: Solomon’s Revenge Textural Reinterpretation mod was designed to upscale and/or enhance the textures seen in the mod.  It is an extensive mod pack (as might be indicated by the size) but as seen listed below, it is not a complete overhaul.

Just a note:  I have included upscales of the loading screen.  However, if someone wants to take at recreating the loading screen in color, I thoroughly support that effort. I say “load screen” rather than “load screens” as the same loading screen is used for all of the BOS:SR areas.

On N_DarthRevan01 (TGA and TXI): The mod doesn’t appear to add anything notable to this skin and the game already has this one available. Though I upscaled the texture, you may safely discard it if you covet another texture instead. If folks do want to change the texture of the traditional Darth Revan, there are so many fine reskins available. In addition, I suggest researching the Flowing Robes mod when researching alternate textures.

What’s not included and why:

All textures with the header m80, m81, or m82. As upscaling these textures will not improve their quality, I have not done so. You should leave these textures in the Override as-is.

fx_Smoke02.tga: Upscaling this texture will not improve the quality. Leave this texture in the Override as-is.

Skybox textures (trs_Bsky01.tga, trs_bsky01.txi, trs_sky0001, trs_sky0002, trs_sky0003, trs_sky0004, trs_sky0005, wst_sky0001, wst_sky0002, wst_sky0003, wst_sky0004, wst_sky0005, zzz_sky0001, zzz_sky0002, zzz_sky0003, zzz_sky0004, zzz_sky0005): I highly recommend using Kexikus’ mod instead of using the skyboxes included with the Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge mod. ( However, if you insist on using the original skyboxes, you’ll be able to find them in the folder named “Original BOS Skyboxes.” From what I have seen in game, both the original skybox textures and my upscaled versions of them are NOT compatible with Kexikus’ skybox mod for BOSSR. If you encounter issues, you have been forewarned.

Shadow’s textures I have not made upscales for the character and clothing textures for “Shadow”. I highly recommend using Dark Hope’s mod instead.

All added portrait textures: I have not made upscales for any of the added portrait textures for the portraits added with BOS:SR. I highly recommend using ndix UR’s portrait mod instead.




The “twilek_m02d.tga” texture has been both upscaled and converted to be compatible with Ashton Scorpius’ mod “K1 Better Male Twilek Heads” and requires its use to work properly. Make sure that mod is downloaded and installed according to its installation directions before installing mine. That mod can be found here:

After reading the caveats implied in the “What’s not included and Why” section, then add all of the textures you’ll be using into your Override folder. Allow my textures to override the files there. There are 3 TPC files in my mod:  aaa_bla01.tpc, fff_lobla01.tpc, and ooo_lobla01.tpc.  Make sure to delete the TGA and TXI files of the same name in the Override folder.

I won’t be providing an uninstall guide as the shear number of files that’ll be replaced defies an easy way to explain it.

Thanks / Credits:

I have used a few of the textures from Dark Hope’s “international Global Mod” who has kindly provided blanket permission for their use.  Thanks to Dark Hope for allowing me to do so here.

n_sithcomf01, n_sithcomf02, and n_sithcomf03 in the Optional textures folder is derived from textures from Thor110’s ”Topaz GigaPixel AI Upscales - K1 1.0.0.” Thanks to Thor110 for providing his upscales to the community as a Modder’s Resource.

The “twilek_m02d.tga” texture has been both upscaled and converted to be compatible with Ashton Scorpius’ mod “K1 Better Male Twilek Heads” and requires its use to work properly. That mod can be found here:

Thanks to Ashton Scorpius for his permission to use his Twi’lek male head template to fix this texture.

Any issues with this mod – other than the previously stated skybox issue with Kexikus’ BOSSR skybox mod – can be left here on the download page. Please tag me when reporting those errors as that will speed up the timeliness of my reply. Thank you.

Enjoy the mod.

(This section reserved for when I get around to making an overview video for this mod.)

I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop - with the exception of Hassat Hunter who has my permission to do so.

I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so. Usage in other mods must be requested AND approved by me before your use.


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By the way, I would love to see which of the upscaled textures in the pack are your favorite. Post a screenshot (if you wish) here in PNG format so we can all see.

Edit: Before anyone asks, I don't personally have any suggestions on how to install BOS:SR.  However, you might want to look here if you have any questions to ask.

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