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Add "First Grand Statue of Mandalore" decoration to a vendor on the fleets

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As the First Grand Statue of Mandalore statue decoration was only available to those that acquired Cantina Crates - and with a very low drop rate - I suggest adding this decoration to a vendor on the fleet. This could be the Galactic Seasons vendor or one of the vendors that occupy the top section of the fleets. As it seems unlikely that Cantina events will return, why not give the newer folks a chance to get this decoration?

What I'm hoping for is folks to possibly boost the signal - either by replying to the thread on the SWTOR forums or posting it elsewhere.  (Yes, I already have a thread on the SWTOR Reddit.)

And if you were wondering what the decoration looks like, here are a few shots:


Feel free to think of this as a belated birthday gift or an early Christmas gift!  LOL

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I always hated special one time events, items and or equipment in MMORPG's.

It's just illogical and does little else besides shorten the lifespan of the game by slowly adding to a long list of things people can never get no matter how long they play or pay into the game.

I should try getting back into the game but it get's expensive!

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