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May the 4th Survey is Live!

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Hello all!

Some of you may know that on the subreddit we have a tradition of doing a May the 4th survey, to poll our users on subjects including their opinions on the KOTOR games; mod preferences; and subreddit feedback, just to name a few. In the past I've shared these surveys on an individual basis with a few DS users I knew went to the sub often, but held off sharing them more broadly since they were meant to be for frequent users of the subreddit only. That ends this May 4th!

Myself and the other subreddit staff pulled overtime and heavily restructured the survey, setting it up to dynamically redirect respondents past any section which doesn't apply to them so that we're now able to collect data from both subreddit regulars and the broader KOTOR community, then later split that data back apart if we so wish. That means the subreddit surveys are now accessible to everyone, and nobody will see sections that don't apply to them. I'm happy to now be able to share them here on Deadlystream!

You can fill the survey out here. It will be open until at least June 4th, and probably at least a few days after. When we close the survey we expect to need about 2-4 weeks to sift through the data and get it presentable, and will then share the results on the subreddit, in the /r/kotor Discord, and in this thread as well. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, and thank you if you decide to participate!

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