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    Heh. One of my favorite moments in the Dark Knight trilogy. Anyways...Like one of my IRL friends, I'm really not one for receiving presents; but...I do enjoy giving them. So, as an inverse birthday present, I'm repackaging some of my mods to upload / update them here with new previews and consistent readme formatting. I started last night with updating "Clothed Beginning", and hope to get more of them uploaded /  updated soon.
    Unfortunately, I lost most of my original preview images for mods, so I had to make new ones for use in redesigning my website. And I decided, despite recent events, to start uploading my mods on Steam Workshop too. But, because of how they handle installing mods, it'll mostly be the ones that don't involve 2da files to avoid compatibility issues. To start, I uploaded "Clothed Beginning" there last night. Both copies of that now have the same screenshots, readmes, and preview images.
    Here is my modding plate right now:
    Redesign my website Upload mods here and Steam (new readmes / previews for consistency) Work on a few mod projects (nothing ready to announce just yet) Update a few mods, including Clothed Beginning (to hopefully fix the bug with Atton / Kreia not acknowledging the player being clothed) and Playable Twileks.
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    *Looks around cautiously*
    Well, I seemingly escaped my cyrosleep that I took for reasons I can't recall. I'm so ecstatic to see all the improvements to ease the process of modding, and the new possibilities unlocked.

    What, Jolee? You don't think that portrait matches you?  A relatively "small" project I may do is porting the K1 player heads into K2. My first step will be seeing which heads Obsidian didn't remove from the game assets, and then go from there.
    On another note, I confirmed that I did lose all of my files for Echo of the Force (my previous WIP TC for KOTOR II)...except...I did apparently retain most of my notes. The downside is I have to redo everything from scratch. I'm slowly restarting it, but it may take some time to get back to where I was at before. Here's my first stab at recreating one of the NPC skins I had previously done.

    Anyways, until my next entry, may the Force be with you.