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  1. what files were edited to make lightsabers stronger? because the heart and mantle crystals nerf lightsabers back to default damage values and none of the secondary crystals are buffed up
  2. so, clicking on either lightsaber in a workbench causes my game to freeze and crash on switch equipping a revan lightsaber also crashes switch
  3. it also doesn't help, i'm pretty sure the pc version is different than switch as the switch version is by the same people who did the mobile version, aspyr but through some trial and error, and eliminating a bunch of bad mods, i managed to get the game to work with what mods i do have and even managed to break everything by editing a 2da file to start the game with 25 attribute points, an ass ton of skill points, lots of feat points (hopefully enough to unlock everything), and an absurd ic and ooc health/force regen i finally have a reason to play the game on something higher than easy after all these years of playing the game
  4. like the user above me, scc019, i also have problems with this mod not working but i'm using it on nintendo switch and when i tried to use the patcher on the file i already have for skills.2da (it's the skills and feats unchained mod), it shoots off 22 different errors when trying to merge the two files this mod doesn't work for me as either a normal install or as a merge install
  5. well i just tried to use a tsl patcher install for the mod "increased skills and attributes" but it gave like 22 errors for my already used skills.2da file and the only skills mod i'm using is the skills and feats unchained, which makes ALL the skills class skills (since kotor 1 you can't unlock them as class skills like in kotor 2 with meetra)
  6. yes, that's where textures go and i've had to eliminate a few extra mods because they were preventing the game from loading
  7. i've been putting the files where they need to go, but it so far looks like texture mods don't work
  8. not one at a time, no but i did discover that the k1 weapons overhaul mod was a bad mod
  9. i have been using the framework as it lays out all the folders for me and all i have to do is move things around to the proper places
  10. I have a bunch of mods that i'm trying to use on seitch for kotor 1 I'm using thr correct layout and putting files where they properly belong But i can't start a game up for some reason It'll load all the way up to about 80% of a bar AFTER making a character, then the game will just freeze and crash ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mods i'm trying to use that are causing the game to crash after character creation: kmm won't merge any files kotormodsynch takes a weird toml file that doesn't have any of the mods i'm trying to use tsl says that it merges files, but i don't know if it actually does and i'm pretty sure overwriting files is just breaking things