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  1. ok here are the files dialog.tlk from game files dialog.tlk dialog.tlk from workshop and save file one of the saves and these two mods on workshop
  2. I have a problem. I recently wanted to play TSL again but I decided to install the Polish version of TSLRCM and I installed the Polish translation and the items from TSLRCM don't have a name or anything other than that they are there + on the planets that are in the mod, when I talk to someone they don't have any dialogue options and I have to force quit the game because I can't tell them anything. I've tried uninstalling every mod except these 2, or having just one, and uninstalling the game and reinstalling it, and I've also tried installing TSLRCM from another source (I didn`t found the Polish translation anywhere other than Steam) and nothing works. Can anyone help?