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  1. Hello, i just got KOTOR1 via Amazon and tried to use TSE, and apparently amazon does everything different, again... I have TSE 3.3.8 and used KPF which then created an inifile with the wrong path to the savegames. With my install they are saved under this path C:\Users\Cougar\AppData\Roaming\LucasArts\kotor\saves i then edited the kse.ini accordingly (notepad++) K1_SavePath=C:\\Users\\Cougar\\AppData\\Roaming\\LucasArts\\kotor\\saves But the Editor cant find any saves. I even tried to create the Path KSE tries by default with this virtual folder and copied my saves there, but not luck. This is my complete ini file: [Installed] K1_Installed=1 K2_Installed=0 TJM_Installed=0 [Paths] K1_Path=D:\\KOTOR\\Amazon Games\\Library\\Star Wars - Knights of the Old K1_SavePath=C:\\Users\\Cougar\\AppData\\Roaming\\LucasArts\\kotor\\saves K2_Path=undef K2_SavePath=undef K2_SavePathCloud=undef TJM_Path=undef Steam_Path=d:\\steam [Options] Use_K2_Cloud=0 So, did amazon break the Save games or is it maybe a different issue?