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  1. I just finished playing through this mod (latest version on this site) and noticed a couple of issues that I thought you should be aware of: 1. The quest with the transmissions never triggered after getting it. I think it was the Rogue quest line. Strange thing is that I got it pretty early (first getting to the area) but I think it might have something to do with the dialog with the droid. I got the quest but there was no way to get out of the conversation without saying "I can't help you" (or something along those lines). I didn't think much of it because I assumed it was something coming up but when I killed that Padawan (sorry, can't remember his name); Dark Side; it changed the quest to unable to complete because what's his name was dead. I decided to try without killing him but there was no dialog to trigger anything to proceed with the quest. 2. The droid to repair (near the entrance to IS); think its name was IS-58. I was unable to complete because I could not find the 3rd part (I think it was in the Central Zone) but the only droid I saw there was near the mechanic (box droid on its side) that I had already looted way before getting the quest. I couldn't find any other parts. I'm fairly certain it was in CZ but if it was in IS, there may have been something missing. I saw a screenshot of a line of droids by the Loading Zone with one behind them but they were either not there or I did something to get rid of them. Like I said, I'm just letting you know what I found. I didn't go back to try again from the start (too much work) so I just continued on with the game after leaving the planet. I have quite a bit of mods installed (too many to list) but they all have choices if M4-78 were installed. Either way, thanks for all the work on bringing this cut content back. I've played KOTOR 2 many times since it came out and this was the first time I tried this mod.