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  1. I'm using Krita on android and there doesn't seem to be any options. So far Krita is the only android app that can open tga files and edit them. I love gimp but the gimp android app has 1.7 rating.
  2. Does anyone know why saving a tga file changes the way it displays on a character? For example, if I take the tga file for calo nords armor, open the file, save it without changing anything and then drop it back into the override folder the shoulder armor disappears and the belt moves from the arm to the waist?
  3. Hmm... Seems I didn't realize how posting works. I also cant figure out how to delete this.
  4. I also have no idea what to do with "path to tsl patcher.exe" and the choose file button just browses my file directory but theres never an option to select anything or do anything at all.
  5. I have 30 mods installed on my kotor and fro some reason, unknown to me, the brown jedi master robes in the krayt dragon cave have a skin that gives them all black shoulder and chest armor with a tall armored collar. Has anyone ever seen these that can tell me how they got in my game?