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  1. This is really odd but I sort of fixed it: I uninstalled all mods, then uninstalled and reinstalled the base game. I put only this mod in, and installed both Yuthura's head and Twin B. It crashed with Yuthura (character creation still fine, crash was when your character wakes up) but was fine with Twin B and she was the other one I really liked, so I'll just go through the game with that head. It could be related to her outfit? Obviously you're the expert here, but I noticed that Twin B loaded up with her twin suns outfit, and I could see it in character creation too, but Yuthura was shown in in default class outfit in creation. I looked through file lists and don't know what would be causing a problem, my only theory is her default clothes couldn't render or something? I did not mess with the optional clothing installer this time, just the base installer. Anyway, I'm glad the rest of it works and I'm excited to do my playthrough!
  2. My game is crashing right after the opening cutscenes I unzipped the files into my "downloads" folder, then ran both the basic install and the optional clothing install. Yuthura Ban's model shows up fine in character creation, but crashed on what is supposed to be the scene of your character waking up on the Harbinger. I tested other mods I have individually, and have no game issues if I try to make a character with one of the default heads. I had another mod I thought was possibly conflicting as it has an appearance.2da file, and I uninstalled that mod. Still crashing for some reason. Any idea what could be going wrong? The only thing I haven't tried is restarting. EDIT: if this is relevant, I am running the game on Linux (using Wine to run the .exes to install mods)