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  1. Game Breaking Bug encountered for LIGHT SIDE JEDI playthrough. I was on Tatooine attempting to negotiate with the Tusken Raiders and went to buy the Moisture Vaporators from Greeta and he does not spawn at all, he's not in a different building or anywhere else on accessible Tatooine. Meaning no way to resolve that quest without killing the raiders. The Miner Captain at the Sand Crawler also did not spawn for me. As well as earlier on Korriban the Czerka Rep in their office you used to be able to talk to and buy medical supplies from was absent for me..... I have, after deliberation decided to replace K1R with the community patch, as these bugs, for me make it not worth restoring the content that is restored as personally once in-game I found the Iriaz and the Jawas on the dunes distracting as well however I don't know how to uninstall just this mod without uninstalling my game as well, there is no guide provided... I have the Steam version of the game I downloaded the most recent version of the game, on a clean install and before any other mods... all my mods were either on the compatibility list or edited small appearance variables i.e. clothing and Revan's canon face... nothing that would prevent these spawns... as a former mod creator for other games I have independently confirmed to the best of my ability there are no other mods I have installed that would have caused this issue... Since this comment I have uninstalled and clean reinstalled my game without this mod (or rather will) I just thought I'd let you know So you can potentially fix these spawn bugs for other users