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  1. Ok, so what I have discovered in approximately 10 hours of attempting to make GUI editor work: it works best, at least from my end, on resolutions which are not custom/widescreen, so only with the original resolutions in the game. YES I am sure there are workarounds, but to me it's a 50-50 if the game will run or not, so I really don't want another component on an already unstable pile . I use the flawless widescreen to generate a higher resolution, and quite literally the GUI editor would work once, then subsequent starts of the game wouldn't work, or would nudge the HUD a bit, it was really weird so I can't really work with it since it gives me varying results. I've settled on a solution, however, which permanently locks stuff and I don't have to go through 69 processes to get what I want and that is to manually adjust the display size through Flawless Widescreen, under settings > configuration > display detection to set HUD width and height to be super small, like 80x60 with an X position of 100 or so. Probably gonna shrink it further. This SHOVES everything in the corners leaving a nice big empty space I can trim nicely in the video editor. This also allows me to see the minimum buttons needed, and play the game to get precise actions that I want, while having a clean surface to work with.
  2. Thanks so much for pointing me to this. However, I am running into an error. I followed the instructions on setting it up, but I get this pop up. I reached out to the creator but he hasn't been active in a few months so i suspect I won't get a response soon. Do you have any clue on how to solve it? EDIT: Got past the error by reinstalling several times. But now I have the issue of it working on occasion, then stopping entirely. Quite exhausting, I'll probably stick to zooming in since I can't get this to work, sadly.
  3. In the pursuit of finding a way to record the screen without the UI, I have a request! I don't know how easy this is to do, as I'm not a modder, so any input will be very valuable. So here goes the request: Is there a way to mod the target interface to be MOVED and LOCKED to the edge of the screen, maybe the top, so it always appears there instead of the target in the middle of the screen? That way, I could simply cut out the edges of the screen wh ile editing the video, and keeping a clean visual I can use in a storytelling video I'm making. The freecam allows me to move the screen appropriately to get some cool action shots, but the target interface randomly will jump in the middle and mess everything up. I can zoom to a specific part of the screen to avoid it, but clearly this reduces the quality of the end result. Below is a messy preview of what I'd like to have moved. Maybe this is as easy as changing a specific line of code, maybe to prevent the target interface from "roaming" across the screen, I really don't know. Do let me know what you think! You're my only hope ❤️
  4. From a story-driven perspective, I don't think it makes much sense nor would it enhance the gameplay from that aspect, since there are no custom responses or interactions with her you can have as Revan. Maybe just edit a cryptic response each time you interact with her. Like... I dunno. "Now is not the time for questions..." or something From a mod-visual perspective, it could be a fun idea. I am personally not the type of person who uses mods to deploy special characters, or change their appearance. I'm just not into that. I like changing items, lightsaber hilts and such, but I imagine for those who enjoy secret companions would enjoy it. Probably the Kreia with Dark Side robes rather than her usual clothing. Best of luck, if you proceed with this project!
  5. I suppose it should be playable to some extent. Uhh, I guess I'll just generate and record the highest resolution possible so any slight zoom-ins are less taxing. Thanks for the tips though! I understand that having a modding tool specifically designed for this wouldn't make too much sense as most users only need this feature for snapshots rather than recording.
  6. Greetings! I am looking for ways to record in-game footage of SWKOTOR 1 but without the interface, names, or anything of that kind. Essentially, I want to record content for a story-driven video without the UI. I have spent quite some time digging online, as well as the forums, and am yet to find anything I can use. So far, I managed to increase the resolution of the game with Flawless Widescreen, I got the freecam to work properly, but the only frustration is that the user interface is still present. Are you perhaps familiar with any mod or way to eliminate the user interface so I can record? I tried adjusting the text in "Hide InGame GUI=1" but that doesn't appear to do anything. Thanks so much! P.S. I am new, so do let me know in case I made any near-fatal errors in the process of posting this post!