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  1. Does the mod work with the Mobile verstion of TSLRCM with M78-78EP? I tried installing it (i.e. ran the installer and copied the files over to the mobile side) and it seemed to work (I started a new game of course), but then wiped out the TSF Protocol Droid and the droid at the docks on Telos. Once I removed that mod, it works perfectly. I'm worried that it will make the game unwinnable and I don't want to have spun my wheels playing only for it to get broken. ***Mods installed: MTSLRCM Force powers with armors (RFPRA) green level-up icon Kinrath Egg Bash Crystal Drop NewMandalorianBannersV3 No Lightsaber Quest V1.5 TSL_Head_Model_Fixes_by_RedRob41 TSLGalaxyMapFix UltimatePersonalItems Thanks all, great work on all of these mods! I love the games and I'm thrilled I can play it on mobile so if I'm bored out and about I can hop on it and play a great game ^_^ -SteveO