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  1. I kinda want to play as a wookie in a new playthrough because I think the female wookies are kinda cute in a weird way. I know I can just use KSE to change my head to a wookie but that changes your body as well. So I'm just wondering if its possible to have a wookie race mod that includes the heads in the game, but gives you the standard human body so you can wear armors?
  2. it's not converting it though. i open the .tpc with the program and its just like a preview. there's no buttons or ui, not sure if there is supposed to be. i've tried holding alt and it doesn't seem to do anything.
  3. cheers. been messing with it but so far it seems like it only lets you view the tpc file, doesn't let you edit it in any way. or convert it to an editable format. unless i'm missing something?
  4. probably a noob question but i recently got the game and downloaded a HD portraits mod but it doesn't match bao dur because i gave him a custom texture in, so it's kind of bothering me. what i'm trying to do is open his HD portrait file from the mod so i can edit it to fit the retexture. however the files are in .tpc format and i have no idea how to open these. i tried just opening it in but it didnt work. unrelated question: i'm also not sure how i go about opening .mdx and .mdl files as well, so if i could get the answer for that as well that'd be great. cheers.