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  1. Is this mod still progressing? It sounds very promising to me, as I felt quite disappointed the first time I had the encounter. It's hard to even see the enemy fighters against the backdrop. Also, it felt like it hardly made a difference how often I got hit.
  2. @Kexikus This indeed fixed the problem. Thanks a lot for the effort. Been enjoying the mod already but now it's perfect! By the way, does anyone also experience this weird shadow kind of thing crossing the half right of the picture? I do have that with and without mods. It moves with the character and sometimes it's also on the other side of the screen. At first I thought it was a reflective surface, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  3. I purchased Premium to support you guys and to get rid of the ads (I really hate ads). Works fine on desktop browsers but when I visit on my phone I'm getting bombarded with ads. I'm using Chrome on Android and I'm logged in with the same user obviously. I guess this shouldn't happen, right?
  4. My specs are Win10 and Radeon RX 590 Series. Latest drivers installed. It happens on both sides of Upper Taris. I could try to uninstall ReShade and see if that makes a difference. EDIT: double-checking where it happens showed that it only happens in Upper City North uninstalling ReShade brought no change uninstalling all mods and only using yours brought no change
  5. Good evening, first things first. Your mod rocks. But recently after updating to the new version 2 I'm seeing artifacts in Taris. What happens is, there's tops of buildings floating in the sky randomly. If I revert back to the version before everything works fine. I also took care of removing all previous mod files before updating. I'm still getting this weird glitch.