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  1. Hello, Good greetings to everyone here. I am posting here as I have a interest in the mod, I am new to modding but also have a degree in web based programming. My main reason for posting this is in hoping some people are willing to continue this mod. Now I know this is a far fetch thing to hope for. However, I am willing to put in time needed to learn and take this up to continue it if i can get the support i need to do so. I know nothing of Kotor programming and modding so I will need assistance. The more the merrier. I can be reached at Steam at =7Cav=SPC.Tenachi.S Moddb: Sasuna_Tenachi Discord: Epic_Mystical #9987 get me a message first would be helpful as to why you add me so I know. I would like a small team hopefully to help me get on track and continue this amazing mod. I plan to reach out to logan to see if i can still reach him and hopefully get any resources he still might have. Please dont hesitate to reach out with anything that can help me out. Like i said if i can get support, Ill continue this mod. May the force be with you, EpiC