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  1. все, дальнейшего решения нет? квест умер?
  2. ну 1.6 не обязательно, но хотябы патч фикс нужен, тупо в углу этой комнаты вставить коробку с нужной деталью...
  3. ну как обычно, хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда
  4. you have in the screenshot a droid is standing, I have no broken droid, nor those of disabled droids, only 4 boxes
  5. I have a bug with the quest Fix droids: in the industrial zone there is no container with a details, as well as there are no droids and a mountain of containers, there are only 4 of them
  6. I can't find a part for the is58 droid in the industrial zone I've searched the entire area and it's not there I searched the entire forum and did not find a clear answer to my problem give a screenshot of the container with this damn detail 1.8.5 + m4-78ep (rus)