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  1. Think it's compatible with Windows 7 and newer display drivers with far less crashes and widescreen support? >_> I doubt fans could be bothered doing the fixes required in the registry and display driver control panel bit to get this game working on newer computers to be honest.
  3. Oh ok, well i'll report back if it occurs later in the game.
  4. Yeah, in Peragus right now (started a new save) i've been recieving things like armour plating/underlays from droid remains.
  5. I honestly do not know. The only ones I know of are the UniWS or Squizzy Resolution Patcher which both need a No-CD unfortunetly.
  6. Oh don't worry, I just posted what I did above to clear up the reason why I asked.
  7. Another reason i'll never use it. Yeah, the process for me pretty much was. Buy a new copy of KOTOR2 >>> Install >>> Patch to 1.0b >>> Download UniWS + Fixed EXE/NoCD >>> Apply UniWS patch to add 1920x1080 support >>> Install TSLRCM
  8. The only reason I use a No-CD is because the only way to make it play in widescreen for me is with UniWS which needs a noCD to be able to make the game play in 1920x1080.
  9. Really sorry for bumping an old thread, but is it possible to use the kotor2.exe file from this patch with TSLRCM? Like, JUST the .exe and nothing else from the patch>
  10. I thought the 1.0c patch contained stolen mods and isn't compatible with the TSLRCM? :\
  11. It never works for me on Kotor2 Is there any way to fix this at all? I remember ages ago something you could do with the KSE that temporarily fixes it...
  12. Unfortunetly yes, it's the only way to play the game in widescreen
  13. Title pretty much says it all, whenever I click to begin a swoop bike race, my swoop bike is stuck at the height that it peaks at when you make your bike jump, which makes getting good times on any course impossible. Is there any fix it all? The only mod I have is the TSLRCM.