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  1. English I think we don't have the same mod
  2. WTF i don't have the same mode cuz my mod can't spawn npc and i can't teleport me
  3. No it's just for me, for creating battles etc ... or add ennemies for more difficulty gameplay ^^ on K1 it's work
  4. Ok so i change language it's work for warperhand mod ( but we can't spawn npc ) we just can add items and change look. so i try " call of aid " mod and i do this when i activate the shield : http://prntscr.com/rolgjv ATM on my kotor1 all mod work ( and my game is in French ) and on my kotor 2 just one mod work ( and i don't care cuz we can't spawn npc x) ) Argggggggg why is so hard to found a npc spawner mod
  5. Oh but, i don't understand english i need french game :') ! i don't know why on kotor 1 it's ok but not kotor 2
  6. when i try a mod for see if he work my override folder is clean. So i put only 1 mod on my override folder. My game is Steam version in French
  7. don't work 😕 http://prntscr.com/rohg0k ...
  8. Hmmm it's ok for Kotor1 but don't work with Kotor2 😕 i'll use it for Kotor1 thanks you so much TK 664 do you have another armband like this ?
  9. Can ou give me a link or something for this mod ? ^^ Yes i want spawn NPC, like Mandalorians ... or Sith Troopers etc ... etc ...
  10. Hello, I had a question. Is it possible to do spawn NPCs / Ennemies on SWKOTOR2/1 ? I've been looking since 3/4 days but nothing ... 0 mods ... nothing