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  1. FurryD1K

    Force Zeal

    Well, I definitely installed it in the right game folder, because the icon DID show up in the game, and it messed up all my other force power mods. I think I'm just gonna have to call the quits with this one. I really appreciate you reaching out and trying to help me with advice, though! Means a lot.
  2. FurryD1K

    Force Zeal

    Okay, so I've re-downloaded the mod and I think the files already come unzipped. The type of folder is a "File folder"; not a zipped folder. What comes up in the installer is the screenshot below. Also! How exactly do you go about using the Kotor Tool to compile the source script? Every time I try it gets aborted because of errors, as per the second screenshot below.
  3. FurryD1K

    Force Zeal

    Thanks so much for your reply! I'll try what you said and see where it gets me.
  4. FurryD1K

    Force Zeal

    When I tried installing the mod, the .exe installer was unable to "locate the compressed version of forcezeal.nss file". In the game, the power showed up and everything, but the animation and damage didn't work. Anyone know what to do? Thanks!