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  1. Effix, thank you! You have saved this run of K1. I'll check out your mods. Mods, you may close this thread. Maybe archive it in case any other noobs have this question?
  2. Please delete this thread. My issue has been resolved. Thank you, Effix!
  3. Kotor 1 Restoration save, upon entering Davik's Estate OR Arrival on Dantooine request! Unfortunately, I've hit a game-stopper in my run, and am hoping some kind soul would link or provide me a game save around either of these points. I sincerely appreciate any help available in this regard. Sadly, the Taris save collection already here does not seem to work with my build of the game. I'm just hoping I don't need to reinstall. Thanks again!
  4. Hey everyone! First time poster, long time fan. Currently, I'm going through N-Drew's fantastic Kotor 1 overhaul demo, and had a funny problem. You see, whenever the malak cutscene where he orders Taris' destruction plays, Davik's Estate is supposed to load afterwards. I do see the estate loading screen, but instead of taking me where its supposed to, it drops me in the Sith Base again. How odd! That's alright though; I figure all it will require to fix is a forced area change hack or edit to my savegame. Maybe there's even a console command for it? Its been YEARS and I can't remember if this is possible. Can anyone help me get around this nasty glitch so I can properly murder-hobo in space again? Thanks for reading, hope somebody can help!