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  1. Thank you very much, it's solved. The problem was in path indeed.
  2. Could not find saves directory for KotOR1 Hi, I use version 3.3.8. KSE is installed outside of "Program Files" folder. With admin privileges error is same. Part of ini file: [Paths] K1_Path=C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars\xae Knights of the Old Republic\xae COLLECTION K1_SavePath=C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars\xae Knights of the Old Republic\xae COLLECTION\saves ..... Steam_Path=d:\igre\steam All paths are correct ! I DON'T USE OVER STEAM because I bought game in store on original DVD. Game is installed in: C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic® COLLECTION In \saves is folders: 000001 - AUTOSAVE 000002 - Game1 Each folder contains few files.