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  1. You're not wrong, but that's not why I asked. I guess it depends on your views regarding light/dark side stuff, but in general it should feel worthwhile to max something out, and +3 constitution doesn't cut it compared to the others IMO. Though I suppose an unassuming player wouldn't know about it ahead of time. I agree on the poison immunity, I hadn't been thinking about plague.
  2. I'm really sorry if this has been asked before but I did look a few times so please don't come down too hard on me. How might one modify the bonuses from alignment mastery via KotOR tool? Like the +3 STR/CON/WIS for light side. Can we make them to be anything? As a general discussion point, I'd be interested in hearing what people thought of these bonuses. I feel the Guardian bonuses are in a good place, but the constitution and poison immunity bonuses for Sentinel feel worthless (already a pretty weak class in KotOR I), as well as the force points boost for dark side mastery on Consulars.
  3. I've been using Kotor Tool to do some light modding and one thing I would like to do is add or at least change some of the feats, but I can't really seem to find how I might do that. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. @JCarter426 Further experimentation reveals a lot is determined by the WeaponWield column value - more than just how the weapon is held. With all other columns being the same as a Long Sword, the Double-bladed Sword is still unchanged. However, changing the WeaponWield column causes it to behave exactly the same as a Long Sword - becoming one-handed, losing its balance property, and of course changing how the character holds it. At this point I can give it "balanced' by changing the WeaponSize column, but I'm thinking there is some sort of default for things that take up a mainhand and an offhand. For instance I can change weaponwield of a repeating blaster and it will gain the balanced property twice over...
  5. Thanks for the response! Yeah, I've tried changing this and it seems to have no effect. However, when I changed this property for a heavy blaster to 3, it seemed to remove the balanced bonus ONLY when equipped in the MAIN hand... whereas if I used a standard Blaster Pistol in the main hand and a Heavy Blaster Pistol in the offhand, I still benefited from the balanced property. Very interesting. Is there anywhere else these weapons might be drawing attributes from? For example, I don't see anything related to the DC of a Stun baton.
  6. Hello, I am just beginning to create my first mod for KotOR (a little late, I realize), which is focused on fixing what I consider to be balance issues with the first game. I would like to remove the balanced property from SOME two-handed weapons, or all if it's not possible to distinguish. I have been poking around KotOR tool for about 2 weeks now and have thoroughly explored baseitems.2da, but I can't seem to crack it. Does anybody have the answer?