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  1. Thank you for TSLRCM 1.8.5! It must have been over 12 years ago when I bought the game. I never really played it because I heard about the unfinished ending. Then I was reading about a mod that was supposed to restore cut content (I believe it was a predecessor of this mod) and I chose to wait. Mainly I play games to experience good stories so starting sth. that I knew was unfinished was not sth. I liked to do. In December 2019 I finally started playing the game with your mod (and many more) installed. I have to say it was a very complete and satisfying experience. Sure, here and there it is still noticeable that content got cut, however it didn't bother me. The best part: it was impossible to tell apart the restored content from the original game. I thank you for all of your hard work and making this experience possible 🙂
  2. LordChaos

    HK-47 Processor

    Hi : ) Kodin doesn't sell the HK-47 processor anymore. I guess it got changed with TSLRCM? Is there any other place where I can find it? Thank you!