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About Me

Welcome to my profile , my name is Darth Valeria or you can call me Val


-What is my job?

I'm a Computer Engineer student , it's my 6th year and I'm hoping to be graduated in 2020


-What do i do?

I try to gain knowledge to create video games , web sites and databases


I'm just a student who hopes to be gradutated from university very soon

I make movies or series as Jedi Academy Machinimas


Like Order 66 , Darth Maul and my main Machinimas based on my own Star Wars side story called the Lotus


-What are my hobbies?

Making Star Wars game series , Jedi Academy Machinimas , information videos , some star wars tutorials for my YouTube channel , KOTOR Machinimas


Since 2010 I've been working on Jedi Academy Machinimas as i started doing this thanks to DarthAngelus , ChaosXUnleased , starwarsfantom , Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg and Delta - 573


I did 2 star wars trilogy about my character during the New Republic Era with Jedi Academy using a massive mod named KOTF 2.0 , but those were just amateur films


In time i gained more experience at cinematizing the game better

I tried to prepare some short machinimas using the Jedi Academy with Kotf 2.1 Beta


And finally at 2018 20st August i have published my first massive Jedi Academy Movie with combined story of my 9 years old story and a swtor story of our RP guild with my RP friends


Soon I will work on KOTOR scripts to make movies as well , like Darth Varkor and Kevin Smets



-Star Wars: Order 66 (Jedi Academy Machinima)

-Star Wars: Darth Maul & Savage Oppress VS Darth Sidious (Jedi Academy Machinima)

-Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (Jedi Academy Machinima)

-Fall of Lotus: A Star Wars Story (Jedi Academy Machinima)

-Star Wars: Changing of the Guard (Jedi Academy Machinima)

-Star Wars: Operation: Knightfall (Jedi Academy Machinima)

-Star Wars: Spark of Hope [Sequel to Fall of Lotus] (Coming soon)