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  1. Thank you for your reply. I guess I have either a different version of KotorMax (0.4.1) or missing some more plugins to get those options
  2. Hi there, I apologise if that is a noobish question. I created a new area model in 3 ds Max and now wanted to export it from 3ds max 2017 with the KotorMax Plugin but I'm always getting the error message that there is not a room in that scene. Does anyone know what exactly is meant with "room layout"? Many thanks in advance
  3. Hi, those movies are really great. May I ask how you did them? I am working on a mod and thought about including some custom movies like yours but found no tutorial how to create such cutscenes/movies. Thanks in advance
  4. No, as I thought it is the same like to start a conversation with an NPC. is it simply: void main () { BeginConversation(); } ? And in which parameter does it go as value?
  5. Meanwhile I managed to get this to work by changing some parameters in the trigger (e.g. LinkedTo flags). But something different came up which is at least similar to the topic: I've placed a computer panel as I wanted to simulate an elevator (fire a script for the destination in the dialog). The panel itself shows the correct name and when I click on it, the player moves closer to the panel, like trying to start the linked conversation, but nothing happens. I've already changed some parameters, but it stays the same. Just a computer panel as decoration. Is there anything I am missing?
  6. Thanks for the hint, but as the thread is kinda ancient, I guess, he never completed it. Meanwhile, I came a step closer to what I want to do by adding a trigger. I've put my startnewmodule script into the "ScriptOnEnter". Now when I walk to the wreck, an empty box appears, but I can't do any actions 🙄
  7. Oh, sorry for the confusion. (non-native speaker here 🤕) Seems the correct term is, to let the area/module "spawn". Just as example: When you arrive at the beach of the unknown world, there is a hammerhead wreck in the sea. Now I thought it would be nice, to walk towards it and being able to enter it (in a custom remade Endar Spire area). But this does not work, while I can create an NPC standing beside the wreck in the sea and fire a "startmodule script" in the dialog with that NPC.
  8. Hi, sorry if the question has already been asked and it obviously sounds very silly, but I am looking for a way to connect modules. I am modding around and created some modules. What I can do, is to spawn an NPC and fire a "startmodule" script in a dialog to enter a new area. This works in certain situations, but not, if you walk around in a forest or a desert. I've tried to alter/create doors, but that has no effect and I certainly miss something (probably the easiest step 😂) Would be nice, if anyone can tell me what I am missing.
  9. Hi, I was browsing through the old lucasforum archives and found a hint about an old mod. It was like a kind of ship area in which you were able to meet the modders (if I remember, they mentioned something like 23 characters in the mod description). Does anybody know here, what the name of this mod was and if it is still available somewhere?