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  1. Interessing! pity that i come too late. passed too time to the open of this thread.
  2. Hi to alls. i am an old SW fan of italy of 35 years. you can call me Asi. i live on sardinia. on real life i am science fiction writer with a rare genetical disease called enhler danlos syndrome that really is become a lot weird and nasty with the flow of the time. but at moment i not want of talk of that. i played to shadows of empire, yoda stories, rogue squadron 3d, x wing alliance, jedi outcast, jedi academy, the phantom menace, kotor 1 and kotor 2. i love expecially JKA and Kotor series. cause i had not success with my fantasy science fiction saga on italy , and acause also i am start to begin a lot old and with less forces of one time for write like an old time after 2 hell years when i get a tons of heal troubles and hospital recovers, i want to use JKA single player engine for make an RPG action game on my opera with also space fight battle. that require a lot of coding works and at moment i am doing the weapons code part on visual studio. i tryed to go over the limit of 32 bit of weapons and force powers of JKA, but with not much result. for my prokject i need some hundreds of slots of weapons and at least 64 force powers slots. i added to JKA 2 AI buided by me. one allow to play players as fighter vehicles, but miss again the impact damge against ground and other fighers, the other merge the AI of jedi, stormtrooper and Bobafett for have asmart NPC AI that not need at alls waypoints and can switch weapons and have altfire. if you are close they use sabers, if you are far, they chase with ranged weapons, if they lost you, they teleport to the nearest close combat point of the map. i am good with mapping, basic coding, scripting, and all kind of works enviroment on JKA, but maybe i need some help sometime, expecially with coding . i really i am not an expert of c++ and is hard to manage it. my opera is focused on twelve alien worlds and 12 races and is a fantasy but with ambientation on alien worlds. on past i worked to a legacy of kain conversation to JKA inspired to an italian role play game about this vampires saga that allow me to learn all the stuff i need to know to works on that. never modded kotor and i not play from years, however, also if with icarus is possible to make some quests and interactive dialogues system with NPCs. maybe someone well teel me: why you not use unreal or unity for do that? eh, why.. first off my age. ibecome to be old and tired for my troubles and JKA is the only thing that i know to manage, so learn new software is long and time expensive. the second motivation? the illness itself. for save my life into the last years, doctors was forced to use cortison, but i am allergic to it cause the glaucoma of my eyes. so i got same damage on the sight and on the reptine. i am photosensible so i cannot use HD graphics, and new operative system, cause i have some overclock trouble of graphic card of my computer that cause my bad nausea attacks, if i use windows 7 or recenty. so i am stucked on windows xp and forced to use visual studio 2010. :\ that complicated a lot all developing, but i can manage it however. well, cya around. let me know if someone is interessed or have some knoledge of c++ about that.