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  1. GetPartyMemberByIndex() doesn't work?

    Had the worst night ever scripting a little cutscene (so many bugs and limitations+my unorganization), and was wondering why my party members weren't doing anything. Tried using GetObjectByTag for the specific companions I had and everything worked...

    So is GetPartyMemberByIndex the problem? What alternative is there?

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    2. eNoodles


      I'll try. How exactly does GetNextPC() work? Is it relative to the previous GetFirstPC/GetNextPC function?

    3. JCarter426


      I think so, yeah. That's how I remember seeing it anyway, so I imagine you should always do all three in that order.

    4. eNoodles


      Boy is this frustrating.

      So, in my main cutscene dialogue, nothing happens. Just nothing. No one goes anywhere. In a test dialogue I made, only my main PC does the walking. pc2 and pc3 (the GetNextPC() ones) don't do anything. Again, tried using GetObjectByTag() and everything works.

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