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  1. Is there a mod, or is there a way to modify the weapons' class, so that Repeating blasters and heavy weapons fire two attacks per round instead of just one like a normal rifle? Something in the vein of how doublesabers and such can do two attacks per round despite being technically one weapon.
  2. HK-47, especially "canon" HK (By which I mean the assassin that can make a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope), is underwhelming. Has been for a decade and a half. He's hilarious, and I love him as a companion, but he's never as deadly with a rifle as he could be. Even with his unique "Assassination Protocols" Feat in KOTOR II, he severely disappoints. You can give him twin pistols, and that helps, but then he just feels like every other ranged dual-wielder. SO. I propose that the Assassin droid (Or rather, the "Combat Droid" Character class) gets some tweaks to his class mechanics. Now, I want to preface this by saying that I know I can do all of these things with KSE. I have done this before - That's how I tested the class modifications to make sure it worked. But I want to make this organic, so that HK feels like he's supposed to be a proper assassin droid and not just a cool looking Soldier class. The Principle behind these changes is Disable-Destroy-Repeat, and revolves around giving HK the "Sneak attack" feats and the ability to stealth. His droid gadgets become more useful thanks to being able to make use of his own stuns, and the stun from master sniper shot combined with the larger crit range on rifles compared to pistols makes him feel like a proper marksma... droid. Marksdroid. There'd need to be two versions, one for KOTOR and another for KOTOR II. KOTOR -A new feat called "Integrated Cloaking" or some such - Basically a clone of Juhani's "Force Camouflage" - that lets Assassin/Combat Droids enter stealth. (Or, just give him Force camo and call it a day?) -Also make Stealth a Class Skill for Combat Droid -Combat Droid borrows Sneak Attack from the Scoundrel Class, gaining Levels naturally on level up. KOTOR II -Droid Cloaking already Exists as one of GOTO's unique feats. Give him that. -Stealth Class Skill -Precise shot, Targeting and Sneak attack awarded on Level up. So what do y'all think? Possible?