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  1. Hi, I am now playing with Talachia's Hardcore Mod and it does things similarly to Beancounter's Hardcore Mod but not exactly, as in, instead of modifying saving throws and the like, directly, it uses attribute increments, etc. If anyone is interested in playing a a difficult KotOR I, I would recommend the Horror difficulty preset from the Difficulty Options mod and the aforementioned mod I am now using instead of Beancounters. The good thing about this mod is that you can readily adjust the stats of the four types of enemy classes it uses to apply the changes to with the Kotor Script Editing Tool on a whim if it still isn't hard enough. Have a blast, Lukipaluki
  2. Kind of you to link me to those, but I am already aware. It has too many changes for my taste. All I would like changed is the modifiers for vitality points, saving throws, etc. which is what Beancounters Hardcore Mod does. Thanks for answering, ~Lukipaluki
  3. Hi everyone, Recently I have been replaying K2 with Beancounters Hardcore Mod on the Insane preset with my own damage modifier (4X) and it has so far been fun and a great challenge to be had at the same time. My request, I haven't played K1 since my earliest childhood and I would like to enjoy it today but am worried about the difficulty. K1R offers an Impossible difficulty mode but this from what I have seen does not offer the brutal experience that I am seeking. Would someone be able to handle my request of importing this great mod into K1? With love and respect, ~Lukipaluki