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  1. Unfortunately, only a demo was released so far. No further news has been received on updates and the release date of the mod. The demo has no voice overs. And before you ask, because a lot of people tend to get confused once they encounter this for the first time (me include), once you reach a scene with a blue background (it's a replay of the first scene, the one where the senators debate things, if I recall) That's the end of the mod. After you reach that, you could replay the mod, or wait for news to come out. Hopefully, that will happen soon, as I believe this to be one of the best KotOR mods out there.
  2. That should answer your steam problem. Dunno if it'll work on Mac, though.(You have to add the mod to the module folder, first)
  3. I have a couple of questions that have been bothering me for some time, so here goes: 1- not to put pressure or anything, but I wonder how much of the game is completed? 2- is the demo part of the game or a prequel to it? If it's part of it, do I have to replay, or can I use a save file? 3- wasn't there supposed to be another update to the demo where the VOs are added and stuff? Can we expect that anytime soon or are you gonna wait till the final release? Thanks in advanced!