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  1. Solved by un/re-installing all mods. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, After the Red Eclipse Landing dispute mission on Nar Shaddaa (1st planet I visited after Telos) , Visas is on Board of the Ebon Hawk and is not interactive. The cutscene never triggered and no other party members are in the ship, nor can I leave the Ebon Hawk. After replaying from a save approx. 1 hour before the error and encountering the same 'bug', I used a warp code to leave the Ebon Hawk, which triggered the entire Goto related questline. After finishing this, I returned to the Ebon Hawk and still had Visas standing around, but not interactive. Is there any way to add Visas as a companion, or to still trigger the cut-scene and fight? TSLRCM 1.8.4 (logo is present in start screen) Steam version, Fresh install Language English, TSLRCM English Windows 10 Pro. 64-bit Thanks for any advice