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  1. Crashing once you enter the Mining Colony I know this has been an on going issue but all threads that pertain to this seems to have no answers. Any progress on this? Or workarounds?
  2. Wow thanks for shedding light on to this, I'm starting to get a clearer picture on how to go about doing this. Basically normalhead=2DAMemory* just tells it to add the row number found in heads.2da. Now I feel stupid because it was that easy. Thank you very much for all the help! And thank you for all your mods! Gaming on Android has been a blast especially because of Brotherhood!
  3. I was looking for one of these, thanks! I hate going through the Ebon Hawk battles every single time I go to Datooine and Tatooine. It's a pain in the android version since you can't shoot and move at the same time.
  4. Again I apologize for the confusion. I just noticed that I've been all around the place. Here are the mods I wanted to work with: Echani Heads x6 Jolee turns into a Yoda Species: Again sorry about the hassle.
  5. Oh sorry for that here it is: And on this one it now applies the 2DAMEMORYXX: There are discrepancies about what I copied, but basically it's what confusing me. What does 2DAMEMORYXX=RowIndex do? And what it means now on appearance_s=2DAMEMORY4?
  6. Wow thanks for that, I'm starting to have a better understanding of this. This is the last thing that leaves me perplexed though: On appearance.2da, there is a string that says: *Upon reviewing it, it pertains to Row41 on heads.2da. What do I do on that string? Copo everything that is on Row41 of heads.2da to the row using this string in appearance.2da? And this one, do I just add the Row Numbers in the said 2DAMEMORY?
  7. I kind of get the jist of that, these modulles are just confusing me: So is this a new row or edits a currently existing one? Another thing So if I get this cordectly this string: Means I have to rewrite it? This string is located in appearance.2da, but the said 2DAMemory is from heads.2da Sorry for all the questions.
  8. Thanks for all the responses guys, I'll go check out everything you guys said. Edit: Oh I just read it has no standalones yet, so I'm looking forward to that. Now is there a way or a tutorial how to properly read changes.ini in tslpatchdata folders so I can just apply it manually using 2da editors? I'm very much willing to do it just to make the Playable Echani Heads and Jolee as a Yoda Species work.
  9. Well I have KOTOR on Android, and I have managed to install quite a number of mods on it. But unfortunately I can't install more mods that has extensive .2da editing since well manually doing it has it's limits. I try to look at the changes.ini files in TSLPatcher folders but some are just too much. Now is there a way to use TSLPatcher without actually having KOTOR on my Desktop? dialog.tlk is the main problem