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  1. wolfsite

    Stuck on Malachor V Black Screen

    This sounds similar to an event that happened to me the other day when trying to leave the Ebon Hawk on Dantooine after the Visas encounter, turned out the save file got corrupted somehow. Other people on the board have said that this is a very rare glitch that you may not even experience in several plays. Try restoring an earlier save and replaying the area and see what happens, I restored a save before entering the Ebon Hawk, replayed the fight and that cleared it up.
  2. wolfsite


    Mine has been pretty stable. Could you post your OS? I know that KOTOR 1 & 2 can be a little temper-mental on the newer operating systems.
  3. I had crash issues with KOTOR 1 on XP also, I found a website and it recommended this. Open up the KOTOR ini file in notepad then go to [Graphic Option] At the bottom of this list add the following line: Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 I did the above and almost all my crash issues went away, there was one point in the game I couldn't get past due to it constantly crashing but this small fix solved all my problems.
  4. Well I did a quick look and so far found this Fix for Knights of the Old Republic – Windows 7 ? thegalacticstruggle.com - your #1 SWTOR resource site Seems this has worked for some people though not all, at the very least it should help put you in the right direction.
  5. I'm still using XP but I have seen a lot of people stating that they are having difficulties getting KOTOR to run on a Win 7 system so your problem isn't isolated. If I hear anything or see a fix online I'll post it here.
  6. wolfsite

    Broken Anisotropic Filtering?

    I second this question
  7. wolfsite

    TSLRCM download

    The Mirrors are just alternate download sites if the main one goes down or experiences other problems.
  8. With some of the amazing work I have seen being put into mods and restoration projects to enhance and rebuild KOTOR 2 I was just curious if anyone knew if a Modder had ever been contacted or had heard anything from the original development team about what they thought of all the hard work and effort people put into these projects and mods?
  9. wolfsite

    Screen going black leaving Ebon Hawk

    I went to my save before boarding the Ebon Hawk and I went around and completed some quests then returned and battled Visas. Right after the battle I departed the Ebon Hawk and everything loaded fine, so it must have been a corruption in the save file or something. Thanks for all the suggestions for fixing this.
  10. wolfsite

    Screen going black leaving Ebon Hawk

    Ya I tried Flying to another planet and returning but same thing happens, I saved just before boarding and Fighting Visas so I guess tomorrow I'll just restore that one and do some more quests on Dantooine. Funny thing though is I have never had this error before even on a non modded game, this is the first time I have encountered it.
  11. wolfsite

    Malachor VI: An Ending Mod

    Wow, it just amazes me on how much more of this game is fleshed out and how dedicated the fanbase is. Great trailer.
  12. wolfsite

    Screen going black leaving Ebon Hawk

    I'm on Dantooine and I just built my first Lightsaber and rebuilt HK-47, however whenever I try to leave the Ebon Hawk the screen goes black after I select my party. The game doesn't crash but it just sits at a black screen and I can't access the menus or anything. TSLRCM 1.6 with the USM 1.6 beta. Update: I went to a previous save, after the Visas battle but before building my lightsaber and finishing HK-47's rebuild, I left the Ebon Hawk and the same black screen occurs so it seems to be something triggering after Visas fight.
  13. wolfsite

    Missing Handmaidens in 1.6

    Okay after removing the USM 1.5 patch and using the 1.6 beta the handmaidens returned so I can safely say it was a compatibility issue between TSLRCM 1.6 and USM 1.5. Thanks again everybody for all the help.
  14. wolfsite

    Missing Handmaidens in 1.6

    Alright, Tomorrow I'll clear out USM for now and see what happens. I have no problem doing a full re install since it doesn't really take much time but I'll let you know what happens.
  15. wolfsite

    Missing Handmaidens in 1.6

    Well this is the patch I found TSLRCM_USM_compatibility Mod Download, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Mods I didn't see an actual version number in the content but I guess I was assuming it was the most recent based on the of the comments. So is it safe to say that it is a compatibility error with an out of date USM that may be causing this?