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  1. Ah I will try to add an exception the next time I download it. Been thinking about changing from AVG to another program for a while now as its also causing my pc to frequently freeze and lock up and the only thing I can do is reset the PC then when it reboots I get an update failed message from AVG (This is how I know its the culprit lol).
  2. Hi I am experiencing a weird issue I have downloaded M478EP 5 or 6 times and stored the installer file in my mods folder in my 1TB internal storage SATA drive. But every time I go to install this mod again, roughly about maybe 6 months to a years time. The folder is empty and windows 7 appears to have deleted or removed the M478EP installer file. Does anyone know whats going on here?
  3. I'm not using any mdx or model file just retexturing. I can't find any option to attach my texture to this post.
  4. I am trying to retexture the dark harbinger and exile expansion heads. I open the TGA textures in Corel Paint Shop Pro X. I do all my editing/retexturing. I save the file in TGA format and copy and paste to the override folder. Now when I choose my retextured heads in the character creation screen the face is all messed up (ears on the forehead and eyes and mouth in wrong places etc.) I also noticed my modified TGA head textures are larger then the original textures from the mods. Does anyone know how to fix this????
  5. is this compatible version done yet? and if so where can I download it?
  6. I just ended up uninstalling again, man. I'll try again next time.
  7. Yes totally finished m4-78ep and killed vash behind the forcefield at m4-78s core
  8. Dont know if this is a bug or if you have to go kill Atris as well with TSLRCM but after Ive killed all the Jedi masters except atris my lost jedi quest just says "I have killed master Vrook" and nothing happens. If I talk to Kreia I dont get the dialogue option to return to dantooine. I tried travelling about to different planets to see if it would trigger something but after an hour I gave up. Lost Jedi is the only quest left in my journal and I have completed the game 100% up to this point. Any thoughts?
  9. Cheers, buddy! I got it in 20 minutes from that link and I'm all set now!!
  10. Is anyone else having probs downloading??? Im only getting 5.1 kb/s speed and it says its going to take 2 days to complete!! lol!
  11. Alrigth how we doing here? any idea when the next progress report is due??
  12. Superb! I will be digging out my TSL discs again once this is finished!