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    That's one of the most embarrassing bugs they left.
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    I am so looking forward to when the other male heads are downloadable. You do such Amazing work. Love it!
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    Good afternoon. The outfit is in high definition. I see no reason to change it.
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    Good afternoon. I can send the file in a personal message.
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    I have not finished all the details (icons, underwear). I will send with a personal message. Will not be published.
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    The file is uploaded for publication.
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    I like this! Recolors/Retextures of this outfit could be used for Tarisian nobles as well. But only Davik should have purple!
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    New character model idea. GO!
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    I will do my best to let you know where the majority of the mods in this screenshot came from. It may take me a minute because I don't remember them all right now but I'll make a list when I can. The robe is from make carth a jedi Carths outfit is but i actually have it set on default clothes 3 for carth and i have 2 others for him on the same game.
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    Just out of curiosity, what mods are you using in this? Especially the robe and Carth's outfit.
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    The amazing backless cabinet! Get yours today!
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    The model is awaiting publication.
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    The camera faded in, and then she got up, attacked Atris, then died.