Emanate Chapter 3 End

Finally finished Chapter 3 on my (light sided) Sith Warrior tonight.

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Sith Holocron's Stuff

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It was OK, I guess.  So far, I've thought the Imperial Agent story the best.  I haven't finished the Smuggler story to Chapter 3 yet and I haven't even started a Bounty Hunter story yet.

Check out this thread if you'd like to the rest of my characters, @downloadman1

(My post is the very first one in that thread.)

When I get all stories to Chapter 3, I'll make my list of best to worst in The Old Republic section or I'll make a blog.

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I actually recently just started IA story. Its cool so far feels different to the others. Male voice actor is great too. Yep I haven't started any of those classes either haha.

Dam you a subscriber?? You have really cool gear and loads of different races so they all look diverse and cool. I'm a f2p peasant 😄

Ah yeah definitely do that! That'd be great. I wanna do them all so would be good to see the stories ranked to decide on the next one. I'd love to hear you thoughts on all companions too :)

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