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You will need three dlls, which can be found here. These will have to be in the same folder as JRLEditor, OR you can follow the instructions in the DLL link. This will work for all of my tools.




This tool is called GITEdit and was created using Perl/TK. It is designed for Knights of

the Old Republic and it's sequel, Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords.


This tool is designed for easily editing the .git file used by these games to

keep track of a level's objects. The .git file keeps lists of variouse objects which

should be spawned every time the module is entered, without conditions.


With GITEdit, you can change the following:











For the Encounters and Triggers, you can also:


-Edit the shape of the object's "pressure plate"/"activation zone"

-Edit the number of points that make up the shape

-Edit the number of spawn points(Encounters only)


How To Use GITEdit:


To begin using GITEdit, you first have to open a .git file.


You can browse for one by using the File Tree in the lefthand-pane, or by using the button.


In regards to the File Tree, you can browse for a .git file from either game,

regardless of whether it's in a .mod or .rim or in the override folder.


Additionally, you can use the two buttons located directly under the tree to add or remove

custom paths to the File Tree. Upon adding a path, GITEdit will scan that path for .mods,

.rims, and .git files and add them to the tree.


When you open the window to add a Custom Path, you can add an identifying label for use in

the File Tree and then the path itself, which you can use the "..." button to select.


When you open a .git file, information about the file's size, save time, and contents

will be added to the File Info box. Also, the contents of each type of object will be

added to their respective sections in the pane on the lower-righthand side.


Upon selecting an item, an interface appropriate to the type is created.





Varsity Puppet, Bead-V, ZM90 ~-~ Beta-Testing

UltimateBear, VP ~-~ Advice on layout

Vriff ~-~ Help with radians... :)

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • 1.0 ~-~ Initial Release
  • 1.1 ~-~ Fixed handling of UTC and UTW Orientation

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