My Kotor Machinimas



Hello, it's been a while since the beginning of the year, but I finally finished the machinima I was working on and I just wanted to share it here.

I spent 3+ years on this since I first started it soon after the covid hit the world. Obviously I didn't work every single month on it but still it took way longer than expected. It's a second part to another machinima I did back on summer 2015 when I first started modding Kotor. Since then I learned a lot about the game and really put to use the best that the new tools can offer. So I really have to thank the community for that. Here's the link:

Texts are in Spanish but I added English subtitles where necessary. If you wanna see the first part you can go to the same channel or watch it here:

I really hope you can enjoy this, even if the story makes no sense lol. I plan on moving on to another projects, so I won't be doing Kotor modding for a time (not that I was already too active or anything anyway lol). I'm still going to visit this site regularly and try to help some people if they have questions, maybe even create some little mods that I have on the request list. I still have to look on MotionBuilder and stuff to maybe make animations easier.

One day I will come back and create those Selkath animations.



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